Rémi Gallego
Music Composer & Producer
Rémi Gallego is an award-winning music producer from France, internationally renowned for his electronic-metal hybrid project The Algorithm. Since 2010, he has composed and produced for numerous video games, such as Hacknet, Hell Is Other Demons and The Last Spell, produced music for TV channel ESPN, in addition to releasing his own works with The Algorithm and Boucle Infinie.
The Last SpellGame Score2020
ProtocoreGame Score2020
Hell Is Other DemonsGame Score2019
The Algorithm - Compiler Optimization TechniquesOriginal Album2018
Boucle Infinie - 直線移動Original Album2017
Hacknet - LabyrinthsGame Score2016
The Algorithm - Brute ForceOriginal Album2016
Super Mutant Alien AssaultGame Score2015
HacknetGame Score2015
The Algorithm - Octopus4Original Album2014
The Algorithm - Polymorphic CodeOriginal Album2012